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Download Videos from LiveJournal with Ease - The Ultimate Guide

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If you're having trouble downloading videos on PasteDownload, it's either an error or a specific problem that shouldn't be happening. You can always contact our Technical Support via the Contact Form provided. Please describe clearly what kind of problem you are experiencing. Submit a screenshot of the error, if any, including the video URL, the type of device and browser you are using. This report is important to speed up the repair process that we will do. Usually, we'll have it fixed in less than 24 hours. Depending on the level of difficulty of the problem experienced.

This song was writen by Kojima based on what he felt during the final day of Kansai Johnny's Jr New Year Concert 2019, when he was playing the keyboard for My Dreams. That day was especially emotional as it was held right after hearing Mukai Koji and Muro Ryuta will be graduating from Kansai Johnny's Jr (shown on Ride On Time S1 which is available on Netflix). Based on the words of other juniors, Kojima cried the most at backstage after hearing about it.In a radio show, he said he wrote the lyrics objectively based on what he saw from his view, and passed the lyrics to Sano the next day.Unfortunately, they have only performed this song in their concert so there aren't any videos of them performing this song anywhere. You can find a low quality audio recording on youtube though.Aぇ! group - Kamisama no Bakayaro (神様のバカヤロー)Lyrics by Kojima KenComposed by Sano MasayaArranged by Sano Masaya, peachT/N: English lyrics may not be 100% accurate since it depends on one's intepretation but I tried translating as objectively as I can.

The site has a variety of addresses and each journal is hosted on the subdomain of the main site. e.g. but these can be found by checking their feed via this address This method yeards 3.5 million hits.The site also has a profile page for each user too This method yields 77 million profiles.

If you want to help in other projects, want to learn more about ArchiveTeam, or even help in development in general, navigate to the Main Page of this wiki, from there you can reach a lot of information. The Team consists of volunteers working on the projects in their free time, so helping hands (and resources) are always welcome.

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Some areas of LiveJournal rely heavily on user contributions and volunteer efforts.[24] In particular, the LiveJournal Support area is run almost entirely by unpaid volunteers. Similarly, the website is translated into other languages by volunteers, although this effort is running down due to a perceived lack of involvement from the LiveJournal administration.

LiveJournal provides an option intended to reduce the chances of search engines indexing a journal; however, the only way to make it completely impossible for such indexing to occur is to set the entry security to "friends only" or higher when first posting the entry. If an entry is first posted publicly, and then edited to reflect a higher security level, it may have already been indexed by a search engine in the time between the security edit. The popular "friends only" security option,[36] which has since been adopted by Xanga and Myspace, hides a post from the general public so that only those on the user's friends list can read it. Some users keep all their posts friends-only (except for a single post explaining that the journal is friends-only). Still, such features as tags and userpics cannot be hidden. LiveJournal also allows users to create custom user groups within their group of friends to further restrict who can read any particular post, and to allow reading of subsets of a user's friends list.

Users may restrict who can comment on their posts in addition to who has the ability to read their posts. Comments on a given entry may be allowed from anyone who can read the entry or restricted. Commenting may be restricted by disabling commenting altogether or by screening comments.[37] Screened comments are visible only to the original posters until the journal owner approves the comment. These restrictions can be applied to just anonymous users, users who aren't listed as a friend, or everyone. The IP address of commenters can be logged as well if the journal owner wishes to enable it.

An option allows users to hide their "friend of" list from public view, but leaves the list visible to the user. In this case, only the friends list is shown. When "friend of" is allowed, journal accounts who have friended the user and who are also friended are listed in neither "friend of" nor 'friend", but rather a third category, "mutual friends". This was eventually made a separate option, like the "friend of" list, and reworded so that the lists would have to be selected to include them in a profile, rather than to select an option to remove them.

LiveJournal lists that users can hide communities from their profile page by not friending them (friended communities are "watched") and by either banning the community from posting in their journal (which has no effect since they cannot anyway, but does remove them from the "member of" list) or by removing the "friend of" list, which removes the "member of" list in addition to the "friend of" list.

Oh No They Didn't, also known as ONTD, is the most popular[42] community on LiveJournal, with over 100,000 members.[43][44] The community's primary interest is celebrity gossip, and most of its posts are taken and sourced from other gossip blogs. At the end of January 2009, Oh No They Didn't! was the first LiveJournal to surpass 16,777,216 comments (224), effectively breaking LiveJournal's previously undocumented limit on comments.[45][46] This resulted in almost a week of downtime for the community, while LiveJournal worked to fix the issue.

From September 2, 2001, until December 12, 2003, the growth of LiveJournal was checked by an "invite code" system. This curbing of membership was necessitated by a rate of growth faster than the server architecture could handle. New users were required to either obtain an invite code from an existing user or buy a paid account (which reverted to a free account at the expiration of the period of time paid for). The invite code system serendipitously reduced abuse on the site by deterring people from creating multiple throw-away accounts. The invite code system was lifted after a number of major improvements to the overall site architecture.

As LiveJournal has grown, it has had to deal with issues involving the content it hosts. Like most web logging hosts, it has adopted a basic Terms of Service.[67] The Terms of Service simultaneously expresses a desire for free speech by the users while outlining impermissible conduct such as spamming, copyright violation, harassment, etc. LiveJournal created an Abuse Prevention Team and processes to handle claims about violations of the Terms of Service, violations of copyright, violations of the law, and other issues. There is an ability for a user to report an entry as "spam", and it is a user's responsibility to separate spamming and bot activity from actual violations while reporting.[68]

If the Abuse Prevention Team determines that a violation has occurred, the user will be either required to remove the infringing material (as in the case of copyright violations);[67] the journal will be suspended until such time as the material can be removed (e.g., posting of home addresses or other various contact information of another); or, in cases of severe or multiple violations, the journal will be suspended (e.g., account hijacking, multiple instances of copyright violation, child pornography).[67] The offending user is notified by email of any journal suspension or, if any offending material must be removed, the user is given a deadline for its removal. When a journal is suspended, it effectively removes from sight everything the user has written on LiveJournal, including comments in other people's journals; however, the user is able to download the material while suspended. Those suspended users who have paid for LiveJournal's service do not have payments refunded.

Another controversy arose when users complained after an unknown number of users were asked to remove default user pictures containing images of breast feeding that were considered inappropriate as they contained a view of nipples or areolae.[70] The incident attracted the attention of breast feeding advocacy groups such as Pro-Mom[71] who publicized the issue to gain larger media awareness. LiveJournal responded by changing the FAQ on appropriate content for default user pictures. The current FAQ 111 says that nudity is not appropriate in default user pictures; the original FAQ 111 said that graphic sexual content was not appropriate. Breastfeeding pictures were not restricted by the original FAQ, and the current FAQ reflects the fact that they are only restricted from use as a default user picture.[72] Breastfeeding pictures are still allowed as user pictures that may be manually chosen while posting but may not be the default.


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