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  Learning to Play,  

  Playing to Learn  

We hope everyone is having a great summer. We continue to offer piano and group lessons throughout the summer.

We are now beginning to offer in person lessons again as well as continuing to offer lessons online.  We use, duo, zoom, face time and skype.  To get more information about online lessons feel free to email us with any questions that you may have.

From private lessons in the comfort of your own home, to providing  programs in our fully equipped home studio, Jean's Music Studio will find the way to bring the love of music into your life. 

We are accepting new students.  We are offer private piano lessons for kids and adults. We also offer Wunderkeys lessons for toddlers 3 to 5 year old.  We also offer 2 different group classes.  The group lessons are for children ages 2 to 5 called  Kiddykeys and Musikgarten which are activity based lessons. See our booking page for more information and to book a lesson.

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