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What is Matching Rings For Couples?

Do you would like to make your loved one shine? Give her an eternal ring. It is a symbolic symbol of love for eternity and loyalty to your beloved one. It is a great way to commemorate an unbreakable marriage or an engagement ring. What exactly does the word "eternity" mean? We're glad to explain the meaning as well as the application of the eternity ring to you.

The Meaning of the Eternity Ring

A red gold eternity ring from BAUNAT

An eternity band, or in our case called an eternity rings, is a ring filled with diamonds. Diamonds can be fully worked or in different shapes that make a statement. The eternal is a beautiful symbol by the recurrence of diamonds. You can also add colored stones or diamonds to make an amazing accent.

The meaning of the eternity ring or infinity ring is the symbol of eternal love in the best way. It is usually presented as a wedding present, but it is also a stunning symbol of other relationships.

Some sources suggest you have to wait until your 60th wedding anniversary. Only then will you know whether you'll stay together for the remainder of your life. This theory seems somewhat outdated. You know when you fall in love on first sight isn't it? The eternity rings have been a staple for centuries and is a perfect fit for all personalities. It's a lasting investment.

The Story Behind the Eternity Ring

The story behind the eternity ring dates back to a long time ago. According to legend the idea of an eternity ring was born in the ancient Egypt about 2000 years prior to Christ. To show their love and dedication, Egyptian men would give rings as gifts to their loved ones. The ring was shaped like snakes eating their own tail. Over time the design evolved from a serpent to a more neutral band with diamonds in platinum or gold.

By its shape, an eternity ring made of diamond symbolizes an eternal love and commitment. It is the ultimate symbol of love. Marilyn Monroe, for example was once a bridesmaid for. The eternity ring has been a favorite for a long time and is something women of all ages can appreciate. This diamond ring is ideal as an engagement ring. It shows your love, because everyone knows that you have something special and will last forever.

An eternity ring can be used as wedding bands

Diamonds are the perfect gift for any special occasion. A ring makes a great present. An eternity ring can perfectly be used as an engagement ring to strengthen your proposal. Even as a wedding ring, whether it matches her engagement ring or not it looks gorgeous on any hand. It could be a nice alternative to a halo, for instance.

But more often, an eternity ring is presented as a present for the wedding anniversary of the couple's first. As a spouse, you let it be known that you're still happy and certain that you would like to spend the rest of your life with your wife.

The eternity ring makes a great gift for your mother, or best friend. It is a lovely symbol of your bond.

We would be delighted to help you choose that perfect ring. There are many options to choose from and our experts can explain everything about them. You can contact our experts for free advice.

Other kinds of rings

You probably want to learn more about other diamond rings now that you know what an eternity band is and how it represents everlasting love. Find out what a halo ring is and what a commemorative ring looks like below. Find the perfect ring for your man.

What are the different kinds of settings for rings?

There are a variety of ways to mount the diamond on the ring made of precious metal. The different settings have different impact on the final look of the ring. The most important settings are claw setting along with the pave setting, the spacer setting, and the closed setting.

Learn more about the various types of diamond ring settings or consult with BAUNAT's diamond experts assistance.


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