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SIAKOL Hiwaga(6th Album).zip

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Hiwaga: The Sixth Album by Siakol

Hiwaga is the sixth studio album by the Filipino rock band Siakol. It was released in 2008 and contains 12 tracks, including the hit single "Matulog Ka Na". The album showcases Siakol's signature sound of catchy melodies, witty lyrics, and hard-hitting guitars. Hiwaga is a Filipino word that means "mystery" or "magic".

The album is available for free download and streaming on the Internet Archive[^1^] and SoundCloud[^2^]. It can also be found on some online platforms such as[^3^]. However, these sources may not be authorized by the band or their label. The best way to support Siakol and their music is to buy their original CDs or digital downloads from their official website or authorized distributors.

Siakol is one of the most popular and influential rock bands in the Philippines. They have been active since 1994 and have released 14 albums to date. Their songs often reflect the social issues, struggles, and joys of the Filipino people. They are known for their humorous and sometimes controversial lyrics that challenge the status quo and express their opinions on various topics. Some of their most famous songs include "Bakit Ba", "Lagim", "Peksman", and "Tropa".Hiwaga is a diverse and enjoyable album that showcases Siakol's musical versatility and creativity. The songs range from upbeat and energetic rockers like "Malapit Na" and "Manibela" to mellow and sentimental ballads like "Iniwan Mo Akong Nag-Iisa" and "Hardin". The album also features some experimental tracks like "Walang Hanggan, Katapusan, Dulo" and "Kung", which explore different genres and styles. The album's title track, "Hiwaga", is a catchy and anthemic song that celebrates the mystery and magic of life.

The album received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. It was praised for its production quality, songwriting, and performance. It was also nominated for several awards, including the Awit Awards for Best Rock/Alternative Album and Best Rock/Alternative Performance by a Duo or Group. The album sold well and became one of Siakol's most successful releases. It also spawned several hit singles that topped the radio charts and became staples in karaoke bars and videoke machines.

Hiwaga is a must-have album for any fan of Siakol or Filipino rock music in general. It is a testament to Siakol's longevity and relevance in the Philippine music scene. It is also a reflection of their passion and dedication to their craft and their fans. Hiwaga is an album that will make you rock, laugh, cry, and think. It is an album that will make you feel the hiwaga of Siakol.If you want to listen to Hiwaga and other Siakol albums, you can visit their official website at There you can find their latest news, tour dates, merchandise, and more. You can also follow them on their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also join their fan club and interact with other Siakol fans from all over the world.

Siakol is not just a band, they are a phenomenon. They have been making music for almost three decades and they show no signs of slowing down. They have inspired countless other musicians and influenced the Filipino rock culture. They have touched the lives of millions of people with their songs and their message. They have proven that they are more than just a rock band, they are a legend.

So what are you waiting for Grab your copy of Hiwaga today and experience the magic of Siakol. You won't regret it. 9160f4acd4


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