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Sharing with you 5 tips on winning throw-in betting from experienced players.

Throw-in betting often emerges in special wagers, typically during major tournaments like the World Cup, Champions League, Europa League, and more. This type of bet isn't very common, so many bettors aren't familiar with its rules and strategies. Let's explore more about throw-in bets in free verified soccer tips and the strategies to secure a win through this article.

What is throw-in betting in gambling?

Throw-in betting involves side bets in ongoing or upcoming football matches. Bookmakers introduce throw-in bets to diversify the betting market, adding entertainment value and contributing to the excitement during each throw or player's sideline action. Once you understand throw-ins, you'll easily grasp the strategies utilized by experienced bettors.

Understanding throw-in bets is quite straightforward. Bettors predict the number of throw-ins both teams will execute. Depending on the odds, you'll have various choices. This information is crucial for effective betting in this particular category.

Alternatively, bettors can place throw-in bets during a live match by monitoring the on-field throw-in situations. Football rules govern throw-in rights: if the ball goes out of bounds and touches a player from a certain team, the opposing team gains the throw-in privilege.

Common throw-in bets

There's a wide range of throw-in betting options provided by bookmakers. Understanding these variations is essential for mastering throw-in betting strategies. Among these, three common types are as follows:

First throw-in bet

Bettors predict which team will make the first throw-in during the match. They can place subsequent bets on the succeeding throw-ins as the game progresses. Depending on the odds provided by bookmakers for both teams, bettors can choose their stakes accordingly.

Handicap throw-in betting

Handicap betting is the most popular type in throw-in bets, attracting significant participation. Handicap odds in throw-ins captivate many bettors due to their entertainment value and relatively higher winning chances. There are three typical scenarios in handicap throw-in betting: winning with half the bet amount, winning with the exact betting ratio, or drawing in the betting scenario.

Before a match begins, we usually assess a team's capabilities to set appropriate handicap odds. Bettors rely on analysis, predictions, and personal favoritism towards a team to place their bets. This factor is crucial in understanding strategies for throw-in betting at bookmakers. Note that the higher the handicap odds, the greater the chance of winning.

These strategies and insights can significantly enhance your understanding and success in throw-in betting, a less common yet potentially rewarding area in the realm of sports gambling.

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Throw-in bet played in over-under style

Playing the over-under throw-in bet is extremely easy and has a very high winning rate. Players only need to consider the number of throw-ins and predict where they will fall. If a player predicts that there will be more throw-ins in the match than the number set by the bookmaker, they place a "Over" bet. Conversely, if a player predicts fewer throw-ins compared to the bookmaker's number, they place an "Under" bet.

The over-under bet is relatively straightforward, so the win-loss ratio is quite delicate. If the match ends in a draw, the amount wagered will be fully refunded to the player, without losing the bet amount. Understanding this gameplay will help you grasp the betting tips from professional bettors.

Things to note when playing throw-in bets

When betting on throw-ins, players should note that not all bookmakers have the same rules. Each bookmaker will have its own rules for throw-in bets. Therefore, before starting to place bets, players need to understand the rules at each bookmaker and be aware of important points when placing throw-in bets.

Validity of throw-in bets

Calculating the time in throw-in bets in football depends on each type: over-under bets, handicaps, etc., may have different criteria:

Bookmakers may count time individually based on each half of the match: first half, second half, extra time.

Or they may calculate the overall playing time: only counting the official 90 minutes of play, adding the official 90 minutes plus extra time (if any).

Players need to pay attention to the timing of placing throw-in bets. Avoid situations where many players think they've successfully placed a bet, but when the match ends, there's no reward because the bet was placed outside the stipulated time, rendering the bet invalid.

Valid throw-in bets

Not all throw-in bets are considered valid. In many cases, some bookmakers may not count throw-in bets that result in corner kicks. Additionally, there are other ways to determine the validity of a throw-in bet:

Throw-ins ruled as fouls by referees will not be counted. If the sideline referee allows the throw to be retaken, it will be considered a valid throw-in.

Throw-ins recorded during the actual playing time of the half, or if the bookmaker allows betting on throw-ins during added time. Beyond the stipulated time, throw-ins during extra time will not be counted in this betting game.

Tips for newcomers in throw-in betting

Although throw-in bets may not offer high winning odds compared to other football betting games, its simple rules and relatively high winning rates have attracted many players. To improve winning odds when participating, here are some throw-in betting tips we've compiled:

Placing bets on throw-ins with high handicap odds: In throw-in betting, the higher the handicap odds, the stronger the team is perceived to be compared to the opponent in the same league. This is a tip that players should pay attention to when choosing the appropriate odds to win.

In cases where the team a player favors is weaker than the opponent but the player still wants to bet to boost morale, they can refer to additional analysis and insights from bookmakers to select the best odds.

Throw-in betting tips based on practical analysis of football teams: Study the previous matches of the team you intend to bet on to understand the playing style of both teams. Knowing the form of the teams in past matches will help players make better predictions:

The win rate of the team in previous matches,

The goal difference between the two teams,

The number of throw-ins accepted by the referee, successfully executed, etc.

After gathering this information with football tips site ,players can calculate the odds and place a more assured bet, rather than relying solely on guesswork.


Throw-in bets are gradually attracting more participants due to their entertainment value and the thrill they add to the betting process. It's considered a potential field and quite easy to seek profit from. Therefore, swiftly collect experiences and learn the tricks of throw-in betting.


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