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Piano lessons for kids

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Gerasim Filatov
Gerasim Filatov

The Time Capsule Tekstitykset Suomi

After 30 years in his parents' homemade bomb shelter, a man emerges from the "time capsule" into the present day, looking for supplies and a wife. This fresh idea delivers some scintillating humor. Still, the depiction of the young man's wonderment in a strange new world doesn't live up to its potential, and the supporting cast outshines Fraser and Silverstone. By Laura Danese *** Sweet, innocent, laugh-out-loud funny.

The Time Capsule tekstitykset Suomi

Help kawaii artist Sebastian Masuda fill a gigantic Hello Kitty time capsule! Bring a cherished personal item or write a letter to your future self, which you will work on and decorate at the workshop before adding it to the capsule. 041b061a72


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