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How to explore music and movement with your children

Music can be a powerful force in a person's life. Many people use their favorite music as a source of inspiration for their creative hobbies. Musical soundtracks are used to help people fall asleep, relax, and release stress. Night clubs use music to get customers excited and in the mood for a party. Classical music is used to set the scene for a romantic dinner. It only makes sense that music and movement would be used to enrich children. This is exactly what early childhood music programs are doing for children across Singapore, and around the world.

Children can learn through music, develop self esteem and a deeper knowledge of themselves through music, and they can learn to work in groups and communicate effectively through music. A love for music and movement can even help children stay active and healthy. Regular early childhood music classes can even help children get some exercise into their lives so they are less likely to battle their weight as they get older.

You can take advantage of all of these music and movement benefits by signing your children up for early childhood music programs in your local community, but you will want to reinforce the lessons at home as well. Following are some ways to incorporate music and movement into your home so your children are able to learn and grow in a healthy manner.

1. Play various types of music in your home. It doesn't have to be loud or obvious. Just turn off the televisions and computers, and allow the music to be the backdrop of your home. Your children will benefit as their moods and behaviors are reflected by the stimulus of the tunes.

2. Dance with your children! Children love to see their parents dancing, and it is the perfect way to encourage them to get some healthy exercise while having fun. You will also get some exercise while bonding with your children. Kitchen utensils make excellent microphones!

3. Give instruments as gifts. Various holidays and birthdays give you the opportunity to give your children thoughtful gifts. Move toward instruments so your children can enjoy them and nurture their love of music. You might be surprised how well some children can pick up on musical instruments with little instruction. If you can give them further instruction into their instruments, that would be all the better.

4. Make music and movement games that the entire family can play. One idea is to play a memory game based on dancing. Stand the family in a circle and have one person go to the center and perform one dance move. The next person must go to the center and perform that move plus one move of their own invention. The next person will have to perform those two moves plus add one of their own. This continues until the end of the circle is reached.

Music should be a healthy part of every home. Not only will your children be enriched by music and movement in their daily environment, but you will be enriched along with them.

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