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8 Benefits Of Music Lessons In Early Childhood

Music lessons in early childhood boost development

Babies, toddlers and preschoolers love music and singing, and for nearly 30 years, Mini Maestros has been helping little ones to develop, grow and explore the world around them through music and movement. But it’s not all about the music…

Sit in on a session of Australia’s leading music education program, Mini Maestros, and you’ll quickly see that this is much more than just a ‘musical experience’. Singing, movement activities, playing percussion instruments, dances and dramatic play activities mean that children learn and develop a range of skills for their whole development.

The program has been designed and fine-tuned over many years of trial and research by early childhood music education experts. Each program is age-specific, so children take part in classes specially designed to suit their developmental stage – from bubs aged just six months right up to preschoolers aged five.

Most importantly, at the heart of Mini Maestros is the philosophy: ‘learning through play’. The classes might be carefully planned and sequential, but they create a fantastically fun environment for the kids and adults alike. It only takes 30 seconds for new participants – young or old – to find out for themselves!

Discover the benefits for your little one:

1. Speech and vocabulary: Singing songs and saying rhymes on a regular basis are proven to enhance early language and communication skills, and broaden your child’s vocabulary.

2. Brainpower and memory: Actively participating in music making has been shown to strengthen children’s cognitive and memory skills even more so than if they were simply listening.

3. Listening skills: Singing songs, following directions and working in a group situation all assist with development of listening and comprehension skills.

4. Movement and coordination: Moving to music, playing instruments and using props and puppets give children of all ages a chance to improve their gross and fine motor skills.

5. Complete engagement: Children can enjoy an all-round sensory experience, with the opportunity to be seeing, touching, listening, singing and moving. For preschoolers, interpreting picture symbols and learning to read music improves visual processing skills.

6. Social interaction: Mini Maestros cultivates positive social skills and independence through interaction with other children and by giving each individual a role in a larger ‘ensemble’.

7. Self-expression: Singing, dancing and playing instruments and musical games stimulate your child’s creativity and imagination. Dramatic play and simple performance activities encourage children to make decisions and contribute ideas.

8. Love for music: Mini Maestros helps children discover an appreciation for music that will last a lifetime. Classes introduce musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, dynamics, form and notation, setting up your child for future musical education, such as learning an instrument.

Of course, Mini Maestros also provides huge benefits for parents and carers too! It’s a great way for parents to nurture a special bond with their child, while making new friends. Mini Maestros runs weekly classes throughout the school term in locations across Melbourne, Geelong, Regional Victoria, Sydney, Perth and Cairns.

Join your local free demonstration where you and your child can get stuck in and learn more about the program. There are also free information sessions for new parents groups and free demonstrations for Early Learning Centres.

Check the ‘Latest Buzz’ on the website, visit the Facebook page or call 1300-786-557. Website: Facebook page:

Sponsored by Mini Maestros

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