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Gerasim Filatov
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Minecraft Barbed Wire Mod

Nice plugin Though it only hurts the players and not there a way I can config it to also hurt mobs Oh and I have a suggestion, if you are interested Could make all cobwebs become barbed wire, but only in a specific biome, for example Hell in the Nether Thanks.

minecraft barbed wire mod

There are six types of barbed wire in the mod. All of them slow entities down similar to a cobweb. It attacks from cactus damage, unless it's the cloud barbed wire. The regular one is a base that all of the others are crafted from.

This is the most basic type of barbed wire. It does one heart of damage every tick while an entity is in it (one heart of damage is not actually done every tick because of the damage immunity time), and that's about it.

I use mines often in single player in case I have to defend an area for a few minutes and I am given time to set up with mines available. In multiplayer I really only use them on the frontlines game mode, but I use them more in AS than in vanilla because the mine layers come equiped with barbedwire/hedgehogs which makes them more useful to me.

The Engineer's Wire Cutters is an item added by the Immersive Engineering mod. The Engineer's Wire Cutters is used to remove wires from a block by right clicking on the block. The wire will drop when using the Engineer's Wire Cutters and can be picked up and reused.

There are many extra items that were added with this mod. They include a good variety of guns, canned food, drinks, bandages, antibiotics and blocks like barbed wire, chain-link fence, sandbags and much more. There is also camouflage armour to blend in to bushes.

The mod is acquired relatively mid-way through both games, putting it in a good place compared to the bonuses it gives to the weapon, the Kanabo. The mod is relatively expensive, at $1,000, and with 16 mod items required, it's quite expensive to craft as well, though they're all common and quite easy to find items which does help to alleviate that cost somewhat. However, the effect it gives for that price is well worth it, with a heavy bleed effect and critical not seen until at least Act III. The given effect makes it incredibly effective at dealing with high health special infected such as Thugs or Wrestlers, as when the bleed effect is applied, it can rapidly drain their health. Visually, the mod adds lots of nails sticking out of the end of the weapon as well as wrapped barbed wire around it, plus a battery pack near the grip of the weapon.


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