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Gerasim Filatov
Gerasim Filatov

Subtitle Braveheart

How does everyone else handle situations like this? I know I can go track down the Foreign Only subtitles and use that track. If I do that, how do you know when you should go look for that file before you start watching the movie? It would be a pain to have to pause and go find it part way through watching.

subtitle Braveheart

In the other corner: "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," sporting colorful Chinese costumes and the most dancelike fight scenes this side of a Hong Kong martial-arts festival - with characters zipping up walls, jumping over parapets, and leaping among leafy boughs with a physical grace that Western superheroes like Batman and Superman couldn't begin to master. Will the academy forget its proud Hollywood roots, its general aversion to subtitles, and its longtime preference for homegrown productions - and allow an overseas visitor to sweep the Oscar race?

If such an atmosphere takes root again in Hollywood, much of the credit must go to the excitement generated there by "Crouching Tiger," a Taiwan-Hong Kong production full of subtitled dialogue, Asian imagery, and an approach to action-movie violence that couldn't be more different from the big-studio norm.

The release date of Todd Phillips' 'Joker: Folie à Deux' is about two years away, and yet the excitement surrounding the film is high. It is all because of the first film, and Joaquin Phoenix's transcendental and eventually Oscar-winning performance. Also, the film is said to be a musical and there are cool new additions to the cast. Lady Gaga joins the film, most likely as Harley Quinn, Joker's love interest in comics. The subtitle 'Folie à Deux' refers to a shared delusion between two people -- no prize for guessing who those two people are. Irish actor Brendan Gleeson also joins the cast in a yet-undisclosed role. 041b061a72


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