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Hbomax With Cap.loli [UPDATED]

If you're looking for comfort viewing, HBO Max comes with every Die Hard, Alien, Nightmare on Elm Street and Police Academy movie. You've got several recent James Bond movies, three different versions of A Star is Born -- including the 2018 Oscar winner -- and more Godzilla movies than you can shake a giant scaly tail at. And of course there's the DC Comics films from Warner Bros, which include Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam and Batman flicks coming out of your pointy ears.

hbomax with cap.loli

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One of the best and certainly toughest westerns ever made, The Wild Bunch arrived at a pivotal moment for Hollywood. Exploding onto screens at the end of the sixties alongside Easy Rider and Bonnie and Clyde (the latter of which is also on HBO Max), Sam Peckinpah's opus was one of the touchstones in the coming of the "golden age of Hollywood," when American cinema told richer and often darker stories in a more natural and provocative style. Infamous for what was then startling violence, it's also a brutal interrogation of the male psyche and the myth of the Wild West -- with quotably hardboiled dialogue and astonishing shootouts.

If you're into westerns, HBO Max takes you a tour of the age-old genre: start with John Wayne in Stagecoach, Rio Bravo and The Searchers, then progress through to Once Upon a Time in the West and then latter-day westerns like Giant, Dead Man and Blood Simple.

Stanley Kubrick pulls you deep into the madness of war in Paths of Glory, a World War I story with a twist. Kirk Douglas is magnificent as an officer battling to protect his men from both the enemy and their own commanders. Powerful and beautifully-shot, it's also way shorter than Apocalypse Now (which is also on HBO Max, as well as Kubrick's nightmarish anti-war satire Dr. Strangelove).

This still-dazzling 1996 crime movie puts an impassioned twist on the heist genre with a cast of black women pulling off a score. Smartly crafted and brilliantly acted, Set It Off is as relevant now as it was when it was made.

Comedy legend Charlie Chaplin mixed the laughs with serious satire in this scathing attack on the Nazi regime, which was also his first movie with sound. Hilarious and important, The Great Dictator is a great way into Chaplin's oeuvre. Other comic pioneers on HBO Max include Harold Lloyd in Safety Last! and Jacques Tati in Monsieur Hulot's Holiday, both of which influence comedy to this day.

You're in for a treat if you like samurai movies: HBO Max has a bunch of classics sharper than a slashing katana blade. In addition to Throne of Blood and the Lone Wolf and Cub series, there's Seven Samurai -- which inspired The Magnificent Seven -- and The Hidden Fortress, from which George Lucas borrowed liberally for a little movie called Star Wars. Start with Yojimbo, an action-packed and massively influential flick that went on to inspire Clint Eastwood's entire career.

A bunch of concert films on HBO Max provide tuneful snapshots of the 20th century's iconic musical movements. Wattstax is a funky fresh film of a 1972 concert featuring the soul, funk and jazz artists of Stax records such as Isaac Hayes, interspersed with introductions by Richard Pryor. For more musical mayhem, check out the Rolling Stones' concert film Let's Spend the Night Together and Martin Scorsese's documentary The Last Waltz.

The humor of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone often gets characterized by the lowest-common-denominator juvenility onto which their youngest fans latch. But the duo truly are master satirists, with their fingers on the pulse in ways that contemporary audiences cannot always sense. Their 2004 film Team America: World Police stands as a remarkable sendup of Bush-era America, made from within the thick of the Iraq War, no less. And, hey, how many takedowns of jingoistic machismo also feature depictions of puppet sex? Get you some directors who can do both!

Antoine Batiste is doing right by the young people. He catches up on his child support payments and he recruits one of the trumpet players from his band, Mario Abney, to give lessons to Robert, the promising student at Theophile Jones Elie Elementary School. It's a shame adults aren't so easy to get along with. Wanda Rouzan storms off stage, mid-gig, tired of Batiste's antics. LaDonna Batiste-Williams isn't impressed that Batiste has paid up his child support. But then again, she's easy to anger and difficult to love these days, as her mother, children and husband can attest. It doesn't help that she's put the bar on the market. Alison Myers is revealed to be dating bass man Cornell Williams. At his suggestion, she steps in as Wanda's temporary replacement.

Sonny is moving forward on all fronts: He's bought his own musical equipment and seems to have impressed Linh, the fisherman's daughter with whom he's smitten. Now he needs to get the fisherman to agree to let them date. When Sonny returns the equipment he borrowed from Harley, Annie mentions the picture she saw at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art of him rescuing a child during the post-Katrina flooding.

Janette Desautel (Kim Dickens) has found her groove at Lucky Peach. Chef David Chang is so impressed with the rice waffles and fried chicken she made for the staff, he invites her to cook special, after-hours meals at the restaurant. Chef Donald Link, visiting from New Orleans, is also impressed.

Whether for their density, abstractness or intellectual complexity, numerous source materials have been considered "unfilmable" or "unadaptable." However, with the arrival of Noah Baumbach'sWhite Noise, now seems an ideal time to go through movie adaptations nobody thought could be made.

Unlike Lynch, Villeneuve's vision to adapt the Nebula Award-winning novel was by splitting it into two parts, with Dune: Part Two set to be released on November 3, 2023. Although film rights were originally optioned in the early 1970s, a film version of Dune was always seen as a challenge due to the breadth of content possessed by the novel. However, with 2021's Dune, Villeneuve officially put skeptics to rest.

Translated by Buck Henry and featuring an A-List ensemble cast, the film was generally well-received. The book by Joseph Heller was long considered un-expressible on screen, mostly because its absurd tone wouldn't be able to be rendered without being reduced to slapstick. While in recent years George Clooney has only made his turn at the novel, Nichols's film may be one of the director's most underrated achievements.

David Cronenberg has been no stranger to difficult adaptations. Whether it was Cosmopolis, Maps to the Stars, or Crash, Cronenberg has taken the challenges on head first with often fascinating results. Maybe no adaptation was more formidable than Naked Lunch, an indescribable surrealist and thematic journey.

Titled after the William Boroughs novel of the same name, the film is only a loose translation, incorporating other fictional works of Burroughs as well as some autobiographical aspects. According to an interview with Cronenberg, the reason for this is that a direct adaptation would have been too expensive and "would be banned in every country in the world." While unconventional, the film's cult status proves fans are happy with the outcome they got.

Following a series of critically well-regarded but commercially underperforming films around the turn of the century, director David Cronenberg rebuilt himself with a string of critically and financially successful ones including A History of Violence, Eastern Promises and A Dangerous Method. After having his pick for his next project, Cronenberg eyed Cosmopolis, based on the novel by Don DeLillo about a currency speculator who watches his life unravel throughout the night.

While Crash could have been included, High-Rise was as much an arduous adaptation attempt. Directed by Ben Wheatley with a screenplay by Amy Jump, the film covers a group of tenants in a London high-rise who experience a whirlwind of chaos when a young doctor, played by Tom Hiddleston, moves in.

A film adaptation of the novel by J.G. Ballard was in pursuit since its release in the 1970s with Nicholas Roeg at one point slated to direct. What makes High-Rise a testing translation is the novel's moral neutrality as well as Ballard's emotional abstractness. Losing money at the box office, High-Rise divided critics, some declaring it a masterpiece while others denoting it was just out of Wheatley's grasp.

How did they ever make a movie of Lolita? asks the poster of Stanley Kubrick's 1962 psychological drama. With copious amounts of censorship was the answer, a factor which Kubrick years later lamented he didn't take into account at the time. Adapted from Vladimir Nabokov's controversial novel of the same name, the film follows a middle-aged lecturer who becomes sexually infatuated with an adolescent schoolgirl.

Polarizing among fans and critics alike, the film was praised for its visual splendor but censured for its lack of subtlety and wit. Originally released with a 163-minute running time, a better received 3 hour and 35-minute director's cut was launched later that year. While it has many flaws, there's enough in Watchmen to make it an enjoyable, if imperfect adaptation.

Frequently cited among the best screenplays ever written, Adaptation cemented Charlie Kaufman as one of the most brilliant screenwriters alive, and the true master of invention and metafiction working in Hollywood. Taken from the 1998 nonfiction book The Orchid Thief, the film covers screenwriter Charlie Kaufman's struggle to adapt the novel The Orchid Thief, when his life gets tangled up with the book's characters. 041b061a72


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