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Aglobal color is automatically updated throughout your artwork whenyou edit it. All spot colors are global; however, process colorscan be either global or local. You can identify global color swatchesby the global color icon (whenthe panel is in list view) or a triangle in the lower corner (whenthe panel is in thumbnail view).

Aspot color is a premixed ink that is used instead of, or in addition to,CMYK process inks. You can identify spot-color swatches by the spot-color icon (whenthe panel is in list view) or a dot in the lower corner(when the panel is in thumbnail view).

Color groups can contain process,spot, and global process colors. They cannot contain pattern, gradient,none, or registration swatches. You create color groups based onharmonies by using either the Color Guide panel or the Edit Colors/RecolorArtwork dialog box. To put existing swatches into a color group,select the swatches and click the New Color Groupicon inthe Swatches panel. You can identify a color group by the foldericon .

You can also create tints in the Swatches panel. A tint is aglobal process color or spot color with a modified intensity. Tintsof the same color are linked together, so that if you edit the colorof a tint swatch, all associated tint swatches (and the objectspainted with those swatches) change color, though the tint values remainunchanged. Tints are identified by a percentage (when the Swatches panelis in list view)

You can automatically add all the colors from selectedartwork or all the colors in your document to the Swatches panel.Illustrator finds the colors that are not already in the Swatchespanel, converts any process colors to global colors, and adds themto the panel as new swatches.

To import all swatches from another document, choose Open Swatch Library > Other Library from the Swatches panel menu. Select the file from which you want to import swatches, and click Open. The imported swatches appear in a swatch library panel (not the Swatches panel).

You can share the solid swatches you create in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign by saving a swatch library for exchange. The colors appear the same across apps as long as your color settings are synchronized.

You cannot share the following types of swatches between applications: patterns, gradients, and the Registration swatch from Illustrator or InDesign; and book color references, HSB, XYZ, duotone, monitorRGB, opacity, total ink, and webRGB swatches from Photoshop. These types of swatches are automatically excluded when you save swatches for exchange.

You can manage the swatches in your Swatches panel by duplicating,grouping, replacing, merging, or deleting them. You can also specifyswatch options such as swatch name, color type, color mode, or preview.

Whenyou want to keep specific colors together in the Swatches panel,create a color group. For example, you can create a color groupfor colors you select in the Color Guide panel. When you save acolor group in the Edit Colors dialog box, it is automatically savedas a color group in the Swatches panel. You can also manually groupany set of solid color swatches.

When the fill or stroke of selected text or an object contains a color or gradient applied from the Swatches panel, the applied swatch is highlighted in the Swatches panel. Swatches you create are associated only with the current document. Each document can have a different set of swatches stored in its Swatches panel.

When working with a prepress service provider, swatches let you identify spot colors. You can also specify color settings in a preflight profile to determine which color settings work with your printer.

When you place an image that contains spot colors, the colors are automatically added as swatches to the Swatches panel. You can apply these swatches to objects in your document, but you cannot redefine or delete the swatches.

To directly define a spot color using the New Swatch button in the Swatches panel, make sure that no swatches are selected, and


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